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Decades of Dedication: Nurturing Poultry, Livestock, and Young Talents in Nutrition

For nearly five decades, we have dedicated ourselves to the raising of poultry and livestock, with intermittent periods of involvement. Our children were actively engaged in 4-H, where they honed their skills in pig farming. It was during these formative years that the profound importance of proper nutrition in ensuring the success of a 4-H project and achieving excellence at the County Fair became evident. In a remarkable turn of events, our children secured the title of Grand Champions in their very first year with 4-H.

In the years that followed, we extended our guidance and expertise to assist hundreds of young participants in their Swine 4-H projects. The result was an impressive array of multiple Grand Champion titles earned in the same year at various shows. This journey instilled in us a passion for nurturing and supporting others in recognizing the vital role of nutrition in the realm of poultry and livestock.

Motivated by the quest for the perfect nutrition solution, we embarked on a search for a company that consistently delivered high-quality products with proven effectiveness. Our quest led us to the discovery of Fertrell, an encounter that occurred approximately four months ago. Recognizing the potential and the remarkable commitment to excellence embodied by Fertrell, we made the decision to establish a dealership here in Utah. This endeavor serves the purpose of supplying Utah residents and those in neighboring states with the finest in poultry and livestock nutrition.

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