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Poultry/Turkey Grit (We carry 4 different sizes of Grit including Turkey Grit)

Grit is so important to not just adult birds but even more important to your chicks growing up. It allows them to totally digest and break down grains so they can be absorbed and in turn give you healthier birds and less disease as well as not eating as much feed when given feed with Quality Vitamins and Minerals & Probiotics. Grit is stored in the Gizzard and acts as the teeth to the chicken.

Your feathered friends will Love you when aiding their digestion and yes chicks will do better if offered this free choice as well. They will be healthier, better able to fight off disease and will put on weight easier. Mix into ration, top dress, or make it available free choice. We suggest to offer Grit as Free Choice 24/7 & if they are not eating it then mix into the feed or top dress.

Feeding Recomendations:

Chickens: Avg to Large in Size

Starter Grit -- to be given free choice 3 days from receiving your Chicks to 2 weeks of age. Broilers 3 days once you recieve them to 3 weeks of age.

Grower Grit -- 2 -6 weeks of age. Broilers 4 -7 weeks of age.

Layer Grit -- 6 weeks on and broilers 7 weeks on.

50 lbs Grit Starter, Grower & Layer $24.97

5 lbs Grit : Starter, Grower, Layer $5.97

2 lbs Grit : Starter, Grower $3.49

Turkey :

Chicken Grower Grit -- 3 days to 3 weeks of age.

Chicken Layer Grit -- 3 - 6 weeks of age.

Turkey Grower Grit -- 7-14 weeks of age.

Turkey Grit--- 10 lbs $14.97 / 50 lbs $29.97


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